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REVIEWS of Conga Electrica
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"It’s hard not to hope the electric experiment
keeps on going. Highly Recommended."
--Peter Watrous, Descarga Review

"This new set from this hard charging
New York based/world oriented crew will blow your ears wide open.
A savory gumbo that keep the caliente muy... "
--Midwest Record

"The two halves add up to a sweet whole,
perfect for those who like Cuban sounds
offered up with a few welcome surprises."

"...rambunctious...Within the musical context of Quimbombó,
we've grown accustomed to authenticity.
In a very modern setting, that's what we got. "
--Nestor Louis,

"...Este trabajo es una pieza de colección para futuros curiosos
y coleccionistas, en donde podemos apreciar la magia de Cuba,
New York y Brasil en una sola grabación...Altamente Recomendado. "
--Raul Mosquera,

"In sintesi, un album delizioso..."

Hispanic Magazine Review